WEEKEND CHIC | to the market

The Village Green Market @ Hackney Downs Studios
[Sweater - Equipment / Jeans - Genetic Denim / Boots - Acne Studios "Pistols" / Watch - Michael Kors / Coffee - Terrone Coffee Co.]
Just about one month after committing to the idea of launching eat chic chocolates, today I signed a contract to sell at the new Village Green Market at Hackney Downs Studios. Little sister to Netil Market, this market offers passersby a rotating selection of artisan food, coffee, jewelry, vintage clothing, art and more. Unfortunately today's grey skies and ever present threat of rain resulted in minimal foot traffic, but it will be exciting to see the market develop. Today I only had a chance to sample an excellent cappuccino from the Terrone Coffee Co. cart (decked out with a La Marzocco espresso machine), but look forward to trying the food from other vendors in the future. An especially intriguing stand selling homemade kimchi nearly tempted me into a purchase despite the fact that I am not allowing any such perishable food acquisitions until I return from my trip to California. Next time.

The Village Green Market @ Hackney Downs Studios
London friends, I begin selling at the market on Sunday, May 4th.
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RECIPE | Penne with Tuna, Lemon & Greens

Pasta with Tuna, Lemon & Greens

Exactly one month after my last post, I finally have another recipe for you. Not because I haven't been cooking, but in between work, going to gigs, and going out with friends, I have been working on a time-consuming side project that is quickly coming to fruition. More details to come soon on the blog, Instagram, and Twitter.

In the meantime, here is my default recipe when I have no time to stop at the grocery store, chop vegetables, or dirty multiple dishes. I am slightly embarrassed about sharing such a non-recipe, but this is a great dish to have in your back pocket instead of resorting to takeout pizza or curry on those busy and/or lazy evenings. I always have lemons, pasta, canned tuna, and some sort of leafy green on hand so that I can be comforted by the fact that even at the most stressful times, I will be able to enjoy this for dinner at the very least. Because it is such a simple recipe, it is imperative to use good ingredients, particularly the tuna. If you think canned tuna tastes like cat food, I implore you to buy a good quality canned tuna in olive oil, such as the exceptional canned tuna by Ortiz, and give it another chance.



There is no theme to this blog hiatus-ending kitchen playlist. Just be proud that it does not exclusively contain new St. Vincent because that is all I have been listening to for the past week.


WEEKEND CHIC | shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather

#009 | shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
Mango white turtleneck / Proenza Schouler skirt / TIBI Piper boots / 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Purse / CA LOU black ring / Myia Bonner stud earrings

Shoutout to the guy last Saturday night who sang Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs" to me after spotting my patent leather Jil Sander boots.

After seeing several people in thin white turtlenecks over the past week (including on Blood Orange's Dev Hynes and The Preatures' Izzi Manfredi), I unearthed my old Zara version from my closet. If only I had the Proenza skirt to wear with it.


RECIPE | an alternate use for overripe bananas

Homemade Banana Nut Granola
My default breakfast is whole wheat toast with nut butter, honey, sliced banana, and cinnamon (and coffee, obviously); whenever I eat cereal or granola, I end up ravenous two hours later. I also tend to avoid store bought granola since oil and sweeteners are usually found near the top of the ingredient list. However, after seeking a non-banana bread recipe to use the overripe bananas stinking up my kitchen, I discovered a recipe for banana granola on Green Kitchen Stories that was sufficiently different to any banana recipe I have made before.

After playing around with the ingredient list and proportions, and reducing the oven temperature, I have found my new go-to granola recipe (which just happens to be vegan and gluten-free). Including protein-rich quinoa flakes in the mix results in a filling granola that keeps you satisfied until your lunch break. This recipe is very forgiving, so do not fret if you do not have all of the listed ingredients. Applesauce or pumpkin purée could potentially take the place of the banana purée, and various nuts, seeds, and spices can be swapped in and out. Judging by how quickly this granola has disappeared in my household however, you will not want to make a half batch. Trust me on that.

Homemade Banana Nut Granola


KITCHEN PLAYLIST | london gigs

This week's playlist features bands who are playing in London this week.


KITCHEN PLAYLIST | indie romance

Though I could have just filled a playlist with Twin Shadow, Blood Orange, and Chromeo and called it a day, here is a Valentine's Day inspired playlist for you (plus two bonus videos, just because). Happy Valentine's Day.


RECIPE | nopi's chocolate cardamom cake with spiced candied hazelnuts & orange crème fraîche

Nopi's Chocolate Cardamom Cake with Spiced Candied Hazelnuts & Orange Crème Fraîche
In the two years I have lived in London, I have tried an unbelievable amount of restaurants. London's crowded restaurant scene provides thousands of options to chose from for your next meal, with the effect that I rarely go back to a restaurant more than once. Extraordinary restaurants or places that fill a void (e.g. Chilango for Mission-style burritos) are the exception, and they receive my utmost support. The Clove Club, Story Deli, and Nopi all fall into this category of restaurants, and I frequent them as often as my wallet allows.

Nopi in particular serves one of my favorite desserts anywhere, a chocolate-cardamom cake with spiced hazelnuts and orange crème fraîche. A dessert that was essentially designed for me with this list of ingredients, I knew I had to attempt to recreate it at home. The recipe below comes close to the original, albeit in simplified form. (I do not recall what the "orange soil" in Nopi's dish is.) The intense chocolate cake topped with unsweetened crème fraîche and crunchy spiced hazelnuts makes a perfect celebratory dessert for a birthday or Valentine's Day. All of the prep-work can be done ahead of time, so all you need to do on the day of the meal is slide the cake into the oven and top it with the crème fraîche and hazelnuts once it is done.

Address Book:
Nopi | 21-22 Warwick Street | London W1B 5NE

Nopi's Chocolate Cardamom Cake with Spiced Candied Hazelnuts & Orange Crème Fraîche